Everyone Has A STORY


21 years as a museum director has allowed me the privilege to be  both teller and listener of the stories. Sharing information allows all those involved to learn and experience emotions just by the fact they heard the story.  Dade City Heritage & Cultural Museum shares the story of its people through artifacts, interaction, story telling and  monthly events.


 Dade City began as a rural railroad town nestled in the  rolling hills of east central Florida. Located in our city is a beautifully preserved 1912  Atlantic Coastline train depot and this houses our Heritage Museum and Dade City Welcome center.   Plan a visit to our historical depot, relax and watch the trains. Ask questions about our city, its past and our promising future.  Spend some time in Dade City enjoying our shops, restraurants, parks and people.


What a wonderful visit. We learned so much about a place we didn't even know existed. We were able to handle the artifacts Joy was telling stories about. We were making wonderful memories. The directions to restaurants and shops was helpful. Most interesting was the stories about the stones. We will be back. Thank you to our tour guides at Dade City Heritage  Museum."

- Ronald & Tamara R  Lily Dale, New York